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Upholstery Fabric you will love!

Revolution Performance Fabrics are performance fabrics that are 100% woven in the U.S.A with upcycled yarns. Our performance fabrics are stain resistant without the use of any PFC chemicals. Choose from our selection of indoor fabrics, slipcover fabrics or outdoor fabrics. Upholsterers, DIYers, Interior Designers: Are you ready to make that old piece of furniture look good as new again? We believe upholstery is an art form and we look forward to providing you with upholstery fabrics that are easy to work with and help you create a project that will bring joy to you or your client’s home for years to come. Need wholesale upholstery fabric? Join our wholesale fabric program. Exclusively for interior designers, furniture manufacturers, and upholstery shops. Our fabrics do not break the bank or your clients budget. How do we offer so many fabrics under $20 a yard? We weave our own fabrics, this allows us to offer you mill-direct pricing. What if a fabric is out of stock? No worries! We weave our own fabrics, we promise that your lead time will never reach longer than 4 weeks. We understand the importance of hitting your upholstery deadline. What if I have problems with my fabrics? Don’t worry! We stand behind the fabrics we weave with a three-year indoor fabric warranty and a five-year outdoor fabric warranty. No other fabric company stands behind their fabric as we do.. Just ask some of our customers. We have customers who have bought from us for years. Check out what they are saying about Revolution Fabrics. Whether you're reupholstering a sectional or sofa in a clients living room, replacing outdoor cushions on a porch or choosing the best fabrics to reupholster a chair; we hope you can find a fabric that fits your project. From everyone at Revolution, thank you for keeping textiles alive in the United States. How to clean upholstery? The best way to clean upholstery is to identify the type of fabric you have. With Revolution Fabrics, cleaning is easy by mixing a bleach and water solution in a spray bottle. Removing the loose debris on the upholstery with a vacuum. Spray the bleach and water solution on the stain or soiled area. Blot with a clean paper towel. Spray clean water on the affected area. Blot again with a clean paper towel. Sometimes the whole cushion will need to be sprayed with the bleach and water solution for a full clean. Call an upholstery cleaning professional if you are worries about damaging or staining your fabrics further. How to calculate fabric for upholstery? The best way to calculate fabric for upholstery is to consult a local workroom, seamstress, or upholstery professional. Find them on our store locater here.