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jacquard fabric by the yard

What is Jacquard? Jacquard is a name of a woven textile that was made on a jacquard loom. Created in 1804, the jacquard loom was invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. The jacquard loom was the first weaving machine to automate patterns and designs in textiles. Jacquard looms were controlled by “punch cards” in a continuous sequence, to give the weaver unlimited freedom in the designs they wanted to create. The jacquard loom’s punch cards is considered to be an important step in history towards modern computing. What does jacquard mean ? The real meaning behind jacquard is the mechanism that controls the loom. This mechanism is called the jacquard machine. Controlled by a continuous series of punch cards, the jacquard machine is considered by some historians as the beginning of modern commuting. What type of fabric is jacquard? Jacquard fabrics are woven fabrics created on a loom with a jacquard mechanism. When a jacquard mechanism is added to a loom, the loom is then called a jacquard loom. Jacquard looms used to be controlled by punch cards, which were big pieces of paper with holes in them . Now jacquard looms are controlled by computers, making the designs of woven textiles essentially limitless.