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10 FREE SAMPLES? Use code: SWATCHES10 at checkout :)

Cheryl Luckett for Revolution

Celebrating a partnership that started over six years ago, the Cheryl Luckett for Revolution Performance Fabrics Collection marks a first for both brands, introducing twelve patterns in over sixty color options.

Crafting Legacy Through Collaboration

Crafting Legacy Through Collaboration

Revolution Fabrics proudly announces its first designer collaboration with the award-winning, Charlotte-based interior designer, Cheryl Luckett. This dynamic partnership fuses unparalleled passion, impeccable design, and industry dedication, resulting in an exceptional fabric collection with twelve standout designs available in over sixty colorways. 

A Tapestry of Elegance

As the visionary behind Dwell by Cheryl, Cheryl showcases an adeptness in curating both intimate havens and opulent spaces. This dexterity shines in the Revolution collection, harmoniously blending function with aesthetic appeal with an array of styles spanning classic patterns, cultural inspirations, and bold animal patterns infused with vivid hues.

Cheryl Luckett for Revolution Fabrics

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A Designer's Touch

An integral member of the Revolution Fabrics family, Cheryl’s collection, aptly named Cheryl Luckett for Revolution, emphasizes versatility and beauty. It resonates with her signature style, colorful palettes, and pays homage to her Mississippi roots. Drawing from timeless motifs of the American South, this collaboration beautifully integrates the durability of performance fabric with design-forward patterns.

A Tale of Two Color Stories

This collection seamlessly transitions between two contrasting color stories. The first dabbles in elegant neutrals like onyx and taupe, exuding sophistication, while the second is a dance of moody jewel tones such as mulberry and teal, resonating with vibrant charisma.

Pattern Perfect: These patterns are poised for repetition, like the intriguing "Spottie Dottie" and the classic "Keys to the City".

Culture: This category pays homage to the Southern roots, with patterns like the authentic "Afro Beats" and the opulent "Tre Chic".

Plains: These are understated, small-scale patterns like Striation, designed to serve as a base with depth of color.

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