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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
Best Fabric for Outdoor Curtains

What is the Best Fabric for Outdoor Curtains

The best fabric for outdoor curtains is Olefin Fabric. Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is a solution or pigment dyed fiber that’s easy to clean, inherently UV resistant, and won’t break your bank when shopping for outdoor fabric. There are a lot of different yarn and fabric choices when it comes to olefin fabric, so you won’t have to limit your design expertise when choosing.

Olefin Fabric

Olefin, also known as polypropylene, was invented in the 1960’s as a byproduct of oil and natural gas production. As a synthetic, Olefin is solution or pigment dyed, ensuring the color is stable and UV resistant. Olefin fabric dries quickly when wet and does not easily fade in direct sunlight. It was the first fiber of choice for marine carpeting due to the innate UV resistant characteristics. Olefin is a great choice of fabric for outdoor curtains.

olefin outdoor curtain fabric

Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic is another type of fabric that performs well in the outdoors. Acrylic has become popular with brands such as Sunbrella. These fabrics have a vibrant assortment of colors ranging in stripes and solids. Acrylic can be known for building a static charge which could be a magnet for pet hair. Acrylic is another great choice for outdoor curtains because of

Acrylic outdoor curtains

Polyester and Polyester Blends

Polyester and fabric made with blends of polyester yarns are some of the most common outdoor curtain material available. It’s cheaper than other high end outdoor curtain options and is susceptible to fading and discoloration. If you don’t mind changing your outdoor curtains every year or two, or you’re on a budget, polyester is for you.

Polyester Outdoor Curtain Fabric

Fabrics to avoid

Cotton and Canvas

Cotton and canvas absorb a lot of water and will not dry quickly. Cotton is at higher risk for developing mold and mildew as a result. It is best to stick with fabrics that dry quickly or do not absorb water. This usually means synthetics for outdoor curtains.

Indoor Fabric

It’s important to make sure the fabric you are buying is outdoor fabric. This is because indoor fabric is not made with the same yarns and protective finishes that outdoor fabric is made of. Outdoor yarn is meant to withstand UV deterioration that indoor yarns are not tested or designed for. Be sure to ask your retailer or make sure the fabric is for outdoor use.

can I use indoor curtains outdoors


Thanks for reading my blog on the best fabric for outdoor curtains. To find out more about polypropylene and olefin fabric, read this blog. - James

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Textile Buying House - September 30, 2023

The most important issue that must deem its the fabric of the curtain. The different of fabric depends concerning you that how much fresh you throbbing for coming inside your room, etc. For instance, if you hurting more fresh to the fore inside your room plus you should opt for sheer done. As they are textile sourcing and inspection privacy and more open. There are many types of fabric associated to semi-sheer, cotton, linen, and much more.

Donna Bailey - June 3, 2021

Thank’s I been trying awning places make umbrella for outside. Good material for outdoor umbrellas.

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