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Revolution Performance Fabric timeless patterns


While browsing a local flea market this weekend, I stumbled upon a vintage chair which retained some of its original, yet tattered and stained fabric.  In its sad condition, the chair was barely holding onto what was left of the original vibrant colors from its glory days.  Sadly, unless they have spent their lives on display in the “formal” living room, most furnishings eventually lose the test of time.  With Revolution Performance Fabrics®, you can have fine fabrics without the worry of stains or premature wear.  

timeless chair

Revolution Performance Fabric Timeless

As I walked away from the chair, I imagined a flea market scene a century from now.  Will Revolution Fabrics help to end the bleak future most old chairs face?  Will shoppers at that market stumble upon a vintage chair adorned with still-vibrant Revolution Fabric?  I’d like to think so!

- Written by Todd Lavender

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