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10 FREE SAMPLES? Use code: SWATCHES10 at checkout :)
10 FREE SAMPLES? Use code: SWATCHES10 at checkout :)
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So, what is Revolution?


    Revolution DefinitionHistorically, a revolution pertains to "bringing about a complete change" or a "new way of thinking."  Revolution Performance Fabrics® embodies the very definition of the word "Revolution."  With our new line of Revolution jacquards, we are redefining performance fabrics.  As I approach a new design, each idea I have is fundamentally inspired by the desire to bring about a change, to share a new idea.  Ou jacquards provide the perfect vehicle to transform a vision into something new, and to know our Revolution Performance Fabrics® are 100% made in the USA brings with it a sense of pride.  So, off we go to change the world--one Revolution fabric at a time.  The revolution has begun!

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