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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
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Not Your Grandmother's Fabric

 Revolution Jacquard Patterns! Revolution Jacquard Patterns!

When you hear the word jacquard, what comes to mind? You think of a fabric that is heavy, elaborate and traditional like a paisley or floral fabric that you would find in your grandmother’s house… right? You are not really sure. When you Google the word jacquard, you find a definition that is so complex and technical that you still can’t quite comprehend. Or you can read through the entire biography of Joseph Marie Jacquard who was the inventor of the jacquard loom (save that reading for when you are trying to fall asleep at night!) 

Still not sure what a jacquard is? First of all let’s clear up any misconceptions that you may have. Jacquards are not just stuffy or traditional fabrics and they don’t have to be fancy or complex… and I can promise you they are not only for senior citizens! In fact, I can probably guarantee that you have at least one jacquard fabric in your home!

A modern jacquard fabric is where the design is actually woven into the fabric itself, meaning the design is not printed or embroidered. You can have intricate jacquard designs or simple ones. They can be traditional or contemporary designs and everything in between. They can be made from multiple types of fibers- natural fibers such as cotton and silk or man-made fibers such as polyester and polypropylene. Jacquard fabrics are typically thicker and more durable which makes them a great choice for use in your home. They can be brightly colored or monochromatic or you can even have gradations of color to give an ombre effect.

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