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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
Costal Decor: A Beach Vacation All Year Round

Costal Decor: A Beach Vacation All Year Round

Living at the beach is a dream many of us share. While residing at the beach full time may not happen this year, you can create a casual, tranquil, beach vibe by decorating your home.

Simple color palettes release your inner beachcomber. Use tranquil hues of light blue to navy to evoke the ocean and sky. Shades of beige, white, and khaki bring back the experience of sand dunes. If you need a bit of color, choose one, such as coral, and use a variety of shades vs introducing several different colors. Considered aged or sun-bleached paint surfaces for furnishings. Imagine furnishing with a reclaimed appearance or pieces that appear like you rescued that has washed up on shore.

 Beach décor demands durable furniture and casual fabrics. The beach invites us to come as we are with wet hair and sand covered bodies. You would never put sandy feet on a velvet sofa. Think instead of durable, washable fabrics. A slipcover may be a great solution for a carefree lifestyle. Floaty sheer curtains that catch the breeze and let in light add to the seashore experience. Use a solid color for most of your upholstered furniture. Tailored stripes also look amazing. As for furniture choose pieces that seem like they can weather any storm. Wicker is also a nice accent to any room and gives an instant weathered look. Toss a couple of nautical theme accent pillows on the couch or upholster an accent chair with a whale pattern. 

Introduce organic materials. Natural light will remind you of lounging in a beach chair listening to the ocean on a sunny day. A sweetgrass woven basket or a cotton rug would add texture any room. Add your shell collection or a piece of driftwood to complete the look.

I believe the important thing in while decorating your house is to create the mood of the beach with color, comfort, and simplicity. 


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