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Coneflower Memo Set


Coneflower is a classic, nature inspired Revolution Plus pattern that's great for machine washable applications like slipcovers, pillows, car seat covers, and dog beds. We have also seen Coneflower on chairs and ottomans as a conversation piece or to add a little classic feel to an interior space. Great for the modern farmhouse or rustic country style interiors. Howe would you use this classic design?

Coneflower memo samples come in a 13 by 13 inch square cutting. The metal rings make it extremely easy to flip between colors gold, teal, navy, and taupe. You can also remove the metal rings and see each color side by side or draped over the upholstery piece being recovered. Combine your favorite Coneflower memo samples with other memos to make your own design handle or keep them all together for more options for your client.

Fabric Details

FABRIC REPEAT: 6 5/8" V X 0" H