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Introducing our latest collection | Made For You


This collection started with one original idea and piece of art. This artwork appealed to us because of the emerging trend of Scandinavian country. The artwork is also paying homage to the hot trend of use of decorative tile. We pulled out small patterns from the collage to be allovers:

Scandinavian Artwork

Scandinavian Artwork

- allover flower

- wedding ring pattern

And did some classics to round it out:

- check

- toss paisley

Lifestyle, relaxed casual, farmhouse, country are other buzz words to describe this collection. Today we are naming the patterns... that sounds easy but it can be difficult. It can’t be a name already used.

This collection can work as a bedding group or furniture collection.

Scandinavian Country inspired design in Revolution Plus!

Scandinavian Country inspired design in Revolution Plus!

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