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Looking Ahead for 2019

Looking Ahead for 2019

As the year is drawing to an end, I look forward to the year ahead. That’s the way the design process works ... always planning ahead. We just had Showtime which is when we show our line in High Point to our customers. Good information can be gained from crunching the numbers to see how many times each pattern was requested and process feedback from customers.  With that information, it is time to look ahead and start planning for the next line. I tell my daughter who is learning to drive “look ahead” and “be aware of what is happening in front of you,” … it is the same in design! We have to look ahead and plan for the future. 

We start our planning by tearing out ideas from magazines and printing inspiration we find online. Shopping in clothing stores can provide useful pattern and color direction, I even watch the design shows on television. From the inspiration pieces, we begin to create groups whether it be contemporary, a twist of traditional, the trending “farmhouse” look or other trends. It is refreshing to have a new line at the beginning of the year.

I hope everyone is looking ahead to the New Year with great anticipation.

Happy 2019!

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