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Introducing our latest collection | Made For You


Wishing an extra special Mother's Day to all the wonderful ladies of STI!

Left: Ashley Rodgers with her daughter Trinity    Right: Betty Scott with her daughter-in-law, Leslie, and grandchildren Leanna, Keaton and Allie

Left: Jessica Dalton with her Mom, Patty Sprouse, Grandma Claudine Cobb and sister, Tina   Right: Katherine Shoaf with her son, Holland and daughter, Elizabeth

Left: Jill Harrill with her Mom, Kate and fur children, Pinot (dog) and Jenny (horse)     Right: Stacy Bolin with her daughters, Kassidy and Gabriella  

Left: Karen Porter with her fur child, Brody     Right: Karen Porter with her mother, Wanda; Dad, Gary; and sister, Wanda

Left: Carlotta Matthews with her sons William and Anthony, and daughter, Tamara   Right: Pat Rollins with her Mom, Letha who Pat calls her "champion and rock... I only hope to be half the woman she is and the example she has been to our family"


Left: Patty Sprouse with her daughters, Jessica and Tina     Right: Patty Sprouse with her Mom, Claudine

Left and Right: Sandra Jenkins with her son, Vince

Left: Sherrita Hunt with her son, Kristopher and grandson, Kamden     Right: Sherrita Hunt's Mom, Carolyn and son, Kristopher

Left: Susan Cerabona with her son, Steven     Right: Susan Cerabona with her son, Steven and Mom, Pat

Left: Sherry Cooke, with daughter, Ashley, granddaughter, Trinity and her Mother.     Right: Emily Harry, with daughters, Catherine and Anna Day and pup, Sally


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