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***Closed 5/24-5/27 for Memorial Day*** Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
What is Tweed Fabric?

What is Tweed Fabric?

Your Quick Reference Guide To Learning Everything You Need To Know About Tweed Fabric

When you’re looking for that ultra-vintage look, there are only a few fabrics that come to mind. So far, throughout this 10-part series, we’ve taken a look at a number of different fabrics, each with their own characteristics and uses.

With so many different fabrics to choose from, we figured we’d make things simple by introducing you to ten of the most widely used fabrics and going into detail regarding where they’re from, what they are, and what they’re used for.

Welcome to part 7 of this 10-part blog. Today, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about one of the most beloved vintage fabrics – tweed fabric.

What Is Tweed Fabric?

Tweed is one of the most popular and well-known vintage fabrics – even though it’s still extremely relevant and still widely used. In fact, tweed clothing has become one of the biggest trends in recent years.

But before we get to what tweed fabric is used for, let’s take a look at what tweed really is and where it comes from. Traditionally, tweed fabric has been produced by weaving wool yarn – typically sheep wool – into a coarse cloth that then gets stitched together to create pieces of tweed fabric.

Tweed is known for providing little breathability, but it does work well when it comes to retaining heat – after all, it comes from wool! One of its greatest characteristics is that it is virtually weather resistant – and it always has been, even since its early days. Tweed was designed to be a durable, warm, and comfortable fabric to wear when out in the elements, and that remains true today.

What Is Tweed Fabric Used For?

Tweed is commonly found in a variety of clothing and apparel. Most often, it’s found in outerwear like jackets, pants, trousers, trench coats, blazers, winter clothing, and even military uniforms. Again, known for its weather resistance, tweed fabric provides warmth, comfort, and durability. Not to mention, it even has a decent moisture-wicking ability, keeping water and moisture at bay when out in the elements.

Today, tweed fabric is more widely noticed as a fashion statement. It isn’t so much about its rugged durability than it is about its appearance. Tweed blazers are highly popular, and its vintage vibe is something that brings fashion lovers in from all around the world and across all age groups.

Everything You Need To Know

Before we finish off this blog, let’s recap. Tweed fabric has a history that dates back to the old days in Scotland. Today, tweed is a highly durable and versatile fabric that is more largely regarded for its nostalgia and vintage flair than it is for its former utilitarian purposes. You can find tweed in formal wear like jackets and caps.

And with that, you know everything there is to know about tweed fabric.

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