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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
best fabric for umbrellas

What is the best outdoor fabric for umbrellas?

The best fabric for umbrellas is a fabric that will withstand UV fading and not absorb any water. The right fabric for you, is all a matter of your budget because there are a lot of options to choose from.


Olefin is a fantastic umbrella fabric. Olefin has amazing UV resistance and dries quickly when wet. Olefin has been developed since the 1960’s so colors, texture, and style are available. This makes it perfect for outdoor design and entertainment areas. Olefin is strong, cleanable fabric at a great price point for umbrella fabric.

Olefin Umbrella Fabric

Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabric is another great option for umbrellas. The reason manufacturers choose acrylic is because it’s soft, colorful, and is usually UV resistant. Acrylic fabrics have a lot of color and yarn choices.

Acrylic Umbrella Fabric

Polyester Fabric

Polyester is another fabric used by umbrella manufacturers. Usually cheaper in cost, polyester isn’t as lightfast or UV resistant as olefin or acrylic fabric. Polyester must be treated with a water repellent finish and UV inhibitor for it to last longer than a year in the outdoors. It’s a great option for cheap umbrellas not needing to stand the test of time.

Polyester Umbrella Fabric

Revolution Outdoor

Revolution Outdoor fabric is traditionally used for upholstery, but we could see it being used for an umbrella. If you have a DIY umbrella project, reach out! Let’s put Revolution Outdoor on an umbrella and test it.  Revolution Outdoor has an amazing UV resistant product that could be the next best patio umbrella. Revolution Outdoor is made from 100% polypropylene, or olefin, yarns backed by a 5 year warranty The yarns are lightfast, UV resistant, liquid repellent, and are a more cost effective option than acrylic. Revolution is completely made in the USA. They are completely “forever chemical” free, also known as PFC’s and PFAS. Try Revolution Outdoor for your next umbrella fabric. Find Revolution Outdoor fabric options here.

Revolution Outdoor Fabric

Thatch Umbrellas

You might have seen thatch umbrellas at a beach club in the Caribbean or Central America. Thatched Umbrellas is a style of roofing that involves natural materials to build an overhead covering. Thatched Umbrellas are comprised of straw, leaves, and local natural materials that are interwoven into a roof. These umbrellas are not fade and rot resistant. Usually these umbrellas are made for rustic, authentic look but need to be replaced every five to seven years.

thatch umbrellas

How to get the most out of your umbrella

Keep your umbrella nice. How? When you aren’t using your umbrella, store it in a covered area like a basement, garage, or shed. This will ensure your umbrella isn’t fading, getting pooped on by birds, and will be clean for your next outdoor dinner party. Keeping your umbrella put up and covered will ensure a longer lifespan. Before storage, make sure that your umbrella is dry. Mold and mildew could form and grow if you store the umbrella wet. Thanks for reading the blog- David

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Sarah - February 5, 2023
I am looking looking for a 10 ft. 3 tier market umbrella in olifin fabric in Forest Green, and I am having trouble finding one. Can you provide a seller? Many thanks!
Maria caraveo - March 22, 2022

Were can I find Umbrella like
The picture

Irene - March 9, 2022

I would like to put my designs on umbrellas

AMOS - March 6, 2022

How do i register, to be trader with you

Lydia Silvas - May 2, 2021

I love the photo of the thatch umbrella and would like to purchase one. Can you provide a reputable seller for this beautiful and unique item?
Thank you!

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