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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
What is Polypropylene Fabric

What is Polypropylene Fabric?

Polypropylene Fabric is a modern textile used for upholstery, industrial, and manufacturing applications. It’s soft, lightfast, and easy to clean because polypropylene has no active dye sites. It’s also super strong and can be cleaned with bleach; even with dark colors. This makes it ideal for a performance fabric without the use of stain protectants or chemical treatments.

What is Polypropylene made of?

 Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer derived from oil and natural gas production. Up until the late 1950's, the gas propylene was a waste product of oil and natural gas facilities. It was not until Italian scientist, Giulio Natta, polymerized the gas propylene and made a commercially feasible plastic polypropylene. Polypropylene is then extruded through a shower head like device known as a spinneret. The spinneret creates the shape and length of threads. After the threads cool, they are spun together in various color and size combinations to make yarns. The polypropylene yarns are then woven into fabric.

Revolution Fabric sofa in living room

Polypropylene Fabric Characteristics

As a fiber, polypropylene is strong, fade-resistant, and inherently stain resistant. This is because polypropylene has no active dye sites after it is synthesized. If you do a search for dying polypropylene, you will find that it is impossible to dye or change the color of the polypropylene after it has been extruded. Only when polypropylene is in a hot liquid form is it able to change colors with organic and inorganic pigments. This is awesome news! Polypropylene is inherently stain resistant due to its non-dye able characteristics. This makes it ideal for upholstery and textile applications.

Take upholstery fabric for example. Technically, the polypropylene will never get dirty. This is because of the inactive dye sites. If something spills or soils the fabric then the stain is sitting between the fibers. This makes it extremely easy to clean the whole cushion with household cleaners like bleach, without running the risk of changing the color of your sofa. It’s colorfast, resistant, cleanable fabric.

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Where can I buy polypropylene fabric?

                You may be able to find polypropylene fabric online pretty much anywhere, but not all were created equal. Most polypropylene fabric is imported from China where quality control can become an issue. Not to mention if your order is out of stock, it could take more than 3 months to get it woven and shipped. That’s a long time to wait for reupholstering your furniture.


                Thankfully, Revolution Fabrics is a domestic manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene fabric. We do not import Polypropylene from China, India, or any foreign country. We find it necessary to have a domestic polypropylene supply chain due to that fact it takes less energy to transport and produce as well as provides jobs to Americans. Our yarns are sourced less than 300 miles from our mill in Kings Mountain, NC. If your order is ever out of stock, it only takes 3 weeks to weave and ship it to you. We also offer wholesale fabric options for interior designers, upholstery professionals, and fabric stores.

Polypropylene Fabric


To purchase polypropylene fabric by the yard, visit our store at

 We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor fabric that resists stains; perfect for indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. Our yarns are solution-dyed making them visibly unstainable.  

To become a wholesaler of Revolution Performance Fabrics, sign up at

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judith pierce - April 7, 2024

what size sewing needle to I use to sew polypropyle material? I am making insets for outdoor furniture.

Thanks !

Elle Jones - September 18, 2023

I’m delighted you mentioned how polypropylene’s durability and adaptability make it suitable for a variety of uses. Due to its resistance to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation, it is utilized in the packaging sector to create food containers, bottle caps, and plastic films. It would appear that polypropylene would be ideal for upholstery used outside. It seems sense that you would want the upholstery to be stain-resistant so that the weather can’t gradually affect the color of the fabric. I’ll remember this for when I need one in the future.

Thomas Clarence - September 18, 2023

I found it interesting when you explained that polypropylene is ideal for upholstery and textile applications because of its stain resistance. It seems like you would want to use polypropylene for upholstery that is being used outdoors. It seems like you would want the stain resistance so that the weather can’t cause the upholstery to change colors over time.

Pat Lavender - July 29, 2023

Looking for polypropylene fabric with pattern for outdoor cushions

Pedro Daigle - April 26, 2023

Il y a aussi en polypropylène les mèches (mèche type PHSM moyenne), pour réparer une hernie.
C’est ce que le chirurgien a utiliser pour me soigner.

Kate - February 15, 2023

The underside of an IKEA mattress got torn in a recent move. I think the underside fabric maybe unwoven polypropylene. It is like the fabric bags that are often given away with advertising on (not the canvass ones). Similar to a pillow protector but stronger. Is there anyway to repair the tear?

Tony Perez - August 11, 2022

Im seeing the photo above which looks like the material I’m think I’m looking for, Polypropylene…. then again when I put Polypropylene in the search on etsy I get a very different looking material.

I’m looking for more of a sewn/ woven look as opposed to more of a mesh? look.

Can you help differentiate?

And help find?

Tony Perez - August 11, 2022

I am looking for this type of material/ that is in photo atop this page.

I am looking to purchase by the year?
I am looking for a manufacturer that actually prints my own design from a digital file?

I am either looking to purchase material and find someone to print on or a company that sells and prints.

Any ideas will help. Thank you.


Sue - January 6, 2022

I am looking for a material strong enough to replace the seat section of an ikea poang chair

Lisa Leone - December 15, 2021

Good morning,
I’m thinking to buy a rug made from polypropylene and wondered if it will be fine for it to be rolled up for 4-6 months. Will it lay flat after that?
Thank you,

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