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What do you mean the fabrics aren't Revolution?

So when we planned our annual family beach trip this summer, I decided that I wanted to pick a beach where we could relax and unwind (or “chillax” as my 11 year old son has put it).  I picked the beach, I picked the house.  When we got here I realized that every piece of upholstered furniture in the house was white!  What was I thinking!?  I began to panic!  I start to envision everything that could be spilled on it.  These fabrics are not Revolution, so I am worried that the furniture will not be white when we leave here!!  With 4 very active kids under the roof this week ranging from ages of 1-11, this is definitely going to be interesting.  Relaxation, I don’t think so!! 

Now if the fabrics were Revolution, no doubt we would be chillaxing!!

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