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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
Weaving a More Sustainable Future with Revolution Performance Fabrics

Weaving a More Sustainable Future with Revolution Performance Fabrics

 Revolution Performance Fabrics Ongoing Commitment to Sustainable Manufacturing

With the ongoing threat of climate change and an increasing need for sustainable living, businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious, and Revolution Performance Fabrics is no exception. Revolution's unwavering commitment to sustainability has taken strides to minimize its environmental impact, making it the ideal option for eco-conscious consumers. From utilizing up-cycled materials to eliminating harmful PFAS chemicals in the production process, Revolution Performance Fabrics continues to pave the way toward a greener future for the textile industry. 

At the core of Revolution's innovative fabric lies polypropylene, an up-cycled material that significantly reduces the consumption of raw resources compared to traditional textiles. Polypropylene is not only durable and long-lasting but also consumes less energy during production. This allows Revolution Performance Fabrics to create a high-quality, sustainable product without sacrificing its responsibility toward the environment. 

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond the choice of materials; Revolution Performance Fabrics takes a more responsible approach toward coloring its fibers as well. Traditional textile manufacturing processes involve the use of harsh chemicals and extensive water resources for dyeing. Revolution, on the other hand, incorporates natural pigments into its fibers, resulting in a cleaner and more eco-friendly coloring method. This not only eliminates the wasteful dyeing process but also reduces the contamination of water bodies from chemical runoff.

One often overlooked aspect of sustainability is the ability to minimize transportation and its associated environmental impact. Revolution Performance Fabrics excels in this area by sourcing its yarn from within 300 miles of the manufacturing facility. By utilizing locally-sourced materials, Revolution helps cut down on unnecessary transportation emissions, contributing to a greener product lifecycle from start to finish.

Revolution Fabrics Material Supply Chain

The fabric's performance features, such as stain resistance and durability, are ingeniously engineered from within. Consequently, there is no need to rely on harmful PFAS chemicals typically used in treating performance fabrics. By eliminating PFAS chemicals from their products, Revolution significantly reduces the exposure of both the environment and consumers to these hazardous substances. Thus, you can be confident in the eco-friendliness and safety of Revolution Performance Fabrics when furnishing your home.

“State legislatures across our country are finally stepping up and doing what the federal government has failed to do, namely regulate the use of PFAS chemicals in consumer products like furniture, food packaging, and cosmetics.”- Says Sean Gibbons, CEO of STI Fabrics, the makers of Revolution Performance Fabrics.

“The legal actions in states like Colorado and California are finally forcing the other fabric brands to remove PFAS from their products. I suggest that we all do our part in this transition by insisting that those brands only provide the new non-PFAS versions of their products for your customers.”- Sean Gibbons, CEO.

Revolution Performance Fabrics' commitment to sustainability makes it an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious consumers seeking durable and high-quality textiles for their homes. By employing environmentally-friendly production methods, using up-cycled materials, and reducing transportation emissions, Revolution Performance Fabrics continues to exemplify what it means to create a truly sustainable product in the textile industry. Embracing sustainable living starts with making informed choices, and with Revolution Performance Fabrics at the forefront, you can furnish your home with the confidence that you are contributing to a better, greener future.

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