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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
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Bedding manufacturer, Siscovers, has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1987 when two sisters right out of college began sewing their new product, the futon cover, in their basement.  Now after 30 years, the company is based just outside Minneapolis and has evolved into one of the best-made bedding manufacturers in the United States.

The company is still run by one of the sisters, Shari Hammer.  Shari is uniquely qualified to be the Creative Director, President and CEO of Siscovers because she is not only a trained artist; she is also a smart business woman and knows how to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of home décor. Under Shari’s guidance and creativity, the company is recognized as a leading innovative textile manufacturer in the industry. Her expertise at discovering new trends and creating beautiful products is demonstrated with Siscovers launch of Revolution Plus™ Performance Bedding.

Siscovers has been a long-term customer of STI, but when STI launched the Revolution Plus™ fabric collection in 2016, there was an opportunity for the two companies to work together on creating an innovative and on-trend bedding line. Revolution Plus™ is a machine washable fabric that is soft and beautiful but also durable, inherently stain resistant and bleach cleanable...even dark colors! Further, Revolution fabrics are 100% made in the United States and contain NO chemical treatments, making them easy on the environment. “It is really amazing to see how soft this performance fabric is, but any type of stain can be removed with minimal effort… and we know how important it is to our retailers to be able to offer a ‘Made in the USA’ bedding product,” said Shari Hammer.

Siscovers debuted its first Revolution Plus™ collection at Las Vegas Market in 2016. Since then, they have expanded their Revolution Plus™ collection to include more patterns and the response has been incredible. "When we developed Revolution Plus, we knew that bedding would be a natural application for this fabric because of the softness and cleanability. After working with Siscovers for many years, they were the obvious first choice partner for a Revolution bedding line. The experience thus far has been amazing and we look forward to working with them on expanding the line and adding new designs," says Sean Gibbons, CEO of STI.

To learn more about Siscovers visit View the Revolution Plus™ Bedding Collection video and photo gallery below:

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