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Top NYC Interior Designers

Top NYC Interior Designers

Top NYC interior designers you need to know.

New York City is the pinnacle for fashion and design all over the world. With Interior Design as part of the fashion industry, we wanted to highlight the Top NYC Interior Designers supporting Revolution Performance Fabrics.  Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you enjoy the designers we chose to write up. If you are an Interior designer in New York, email us at and we will include you in our next blog of Interior Designers in New York.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors

Cara Woodhouse Interiors


Cara Woodhouse is an amazing interior designer based in Brooklyn, New York, but her reach as a designer goes far beyond the city. Her specialties include Residential and Commercial interior design through her use of symmetry, form, and function of each space she creates. Through luxurious comfort and exceptional customer service, Cara’s worldly view can create spaces reminding you of Las Angeles contemporary to London flats, and beyond.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors is a full-service interior design firm located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Her interior design services include architectural consulting, contact management, spatial planning, material & finish selection, custom furniture, millwork and antiquing. Cara strives to find balance in every space she creates. Design is her passion and it also happens to be her job. For Cara, nothing brings more satisfaction than collaborating with clients to design their dream space.

Cara has worked on design projects in New York, Miami, Colorado, The Hamptons, New Jersey, Boston, Nantucket, Connecticut, Westchester, London, and Las Angeles. Find her on social @carawoodhouseinteriors or go to her website

Cheryl Chase-Mackenna

Cheryl Chase-Mackenna


New York-based interior design firm Chase Mackenna was founded with a single mission in mind: to make the interior design process as simple and seamless as possible while creating beautiful and inviting spaces.

Chase Mackenna works with a wide range of clients. Every client has a different story, but they all have the same need. Chase Mackenna is a team that can turn the design process into an easy enjoyable experience.

Through hard work behind the scenes, taking care of every detail, and combining an understanding of your personal style with a fresh perspective, Chase Mackenna gets the job done. The finished product not only meets the functional needs of the space, but artfully transforms the room, apartment, or home to reflect the personalities of those who enjoy them. Find Cheryl on social @cherylchasemackenna and on her website .

Wolf & Wing Interior Design

Wolf & Wing Interior Design


Wolf & Wing Interior design is a full service, interior design studio located in Long Beach, NY. Founder, Amanda Moore, specializes in commercial and residential spaces since 2001. Her area of expertise is New York City and beyond, designing homes for anyone including an awesome celebrity client list. Some of those clients include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ana Ortiz, and Charlie Sheen. Co-owner, Keri Venti, brings her expertise in real estate and interior architecture, to have a well-rounded team of commercial and residential design.

Wolf & Wing Interior Design team caters to all your needs from renovation, restoration, and redecoration. They are committed to helping you create a space you’ll truly love and desire to live in. They can bring your unique vision to life while working carefully within your style, budget, timeframe. Wolf & Wing offers a wide range of services from small apartment renovations and home consultation to home staging and full-scale home design. Find Wolf & Wing on social @wolf_winginteriordesign and on their website at .

Crafted Interiors

Crafted Interiors


Crafted Interiors is a custom design and build, a full-service interior design studio specializing in interior renovations, in New York City. Their full scope services provide a turnkey approach and experience to interior design projects. With careful attention to detail, Crafted Interiors has developed a deep understanding of renovations on older buildings and working with various city agencies to provide clients with a sense of ease throughout the design process.

David and Megan Przywara make an amazing full-service interior design team. David’s 30-years experience in the building and remodeling field with an MBA from Drexel, he brings a unique background to project and operational management for Crafted Interiors. Megan’s 13 years of experience in Architecture & Interior Design exceeds project standards through her client’s reviews. Find Crafted Interiors on social @craftedinteriors and on their website at .


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Gorgeous rooms

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Beautiful designs

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