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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
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The One Room Challenge by 9Ten Design

 Lenora DeMars, owner of 9Ten Design

Week 1 - One Room Challenge, Healthy Master Bedroom by 9Ten Design

Hello, I’m Lenora, this is my blog and I’m an interior designer based in Orange County, California. My firm is 9 Ten Design, I design in and around Orange County and Los Angeles. I’m passionate about creating beautiful spaces and incorporating healthy materials when possible. Healthy materials are materials that are not harmful to human health.

It’s been several years that I have known about the One Room Challenge.  I’ve admired others that have participated in the past. Finishing a room in 6 weeks seemed crazy to me! I mean seriously! My process, I “MARINATE” on ideas before pulling the trigger. Especially when it comes to my own home. Unfortunately, the marinating process sometimes becomes my paralysis.

Today, I’m officially throwing my hat into the mix. I will be featured as a Guest Participant and will complete our Master Bedroom makeover in 6 weeks! Eek! Not only that, I have also given myself another challenge… to create a room that is NON TOXIC. Meaning I will only be using materials that are not harmful to human health. Hence, the “Healthy Bedroom Makeover.” I will get into the specifics of what that means as the project evolves. Stay tuned! I have a feeling your jaw will drop when you find out how many harmful chemicals we surround ourselves without knowing.

In late 2009, my husband Steve, son Emmett, and our dog and cat moved into our “FOREVER” home. I was also 6 months pregnant with our youngest son Wyatt at the time. Like most others, we brought over what we had from our old house, regardless if it went or not. Our budget was spent on getting into the house and furnishing 2 rooms that had nothing. Now almost 10 years later, we have done NOTHING to our Master Bedroom!

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"] The Master Bedroom PRE - challenge The Master Bedroom PRE - challenge [/caption]

Week 2 - Healthy Bedroom Makeover, The Plan

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1159.0"] The Master Bedroom space plan The Master Bedroom space plan [/caption]

We are fortunate to live in warm and sunny, Southern California. To be specific, we live in Orange County, California. Both my husband and I are transplants as we both grew up in cold climates, at least in the winter time. Que up “California Dreamin” by the Mamas and the Papas. I’m originally from N.J and my husband is from Minnesota. We both enjoy all that California has to offer. We can visit the beach, dessert and the mountains all in one day! Each of these beautiful landscapes will be the backdrop for our Healthy Master Bedroom Makeover.

Californians are also known to be health conscious. With that in mind, I will be incorporating some healthy material choices to use. Our master bedroom is the best place to start. A sanctuary with the intention to rejuvenate, regenerate, and recharge.  When making selections I will be mindful of selecting furniture and building materials that do not contain harmful chemicals. Such as Formaldehyde, Acetone, Flame Retardants, Antimicrobials, Fluorinated stain treatments, and PVC… whew, that was a lot! Sadly, there are more then what I have listed. Since the 1970’s there have been 80,000 chemicals that have been invented. 15,000 chemicals are in high use one way or another. Some of which are harmful to humans. Okay, enough of the scare tactic.  This is a light-hearted design challenge that I’m thrilled to be a part of.  I’m ready to create a killer room without the killer chemicals.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"] Revolution Fabrics pattern, Bopper. Shop it  here ! Revolution Fabrics pattern, Bopper. Shop it here ! [/caption]

For the Master bed, I knew LONG ago I wanted to go with an upholstered bed. Not the best thing for my environment since I have asthma and bad allergies, but I’m OVER hitting my shin on the corner of the bed. I have a permanent scar from all the times I’ve hit the corner... IT HURTS! Our new upholstered bed will be much more kind to my shins. 

I’ve selected my fabric for the bed and it’s from one of my favorite vendors, Revolution Fabrics. They are amazing!  The fabric is 100% upcycled, made in the U.S, stain resistant without harmful fluorinated stain treatments. Added bonus, they are Green Guard certified! They are definitely my go-to fabric for families with kiddos and or dogs. Check out their video and see how easy it is to clean. Even permanent marker stains are cleanable! Their fabric meets both my eco story and my non-toxic story. Once again another win! Did I mention the selections are off the charts amazing? If not, they are off the charts amazing! So many prints and textures to feed all of my desires. Since I wanted to bring more light into the space I decided to go with Bopper Natural. I LOVE the texture! The bed will look and feel luxurious. Don’t you think?

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"] Revolution Bopper has arrived! Revolution Bopper has arrived! [/caption]

Week 3 - What is it made of?

The design plan “California Dreamin” vibe was born last week, but the plan to create a Healthy Master Bedroom was from the get-go. This week is about planning yep, MORE planning! Yeah, it’s great I’ve got all the design elements picked out, but NOW the REAL work starts. I need to place orders, confirm shipping dates, expedite materials, and coordinate all of my trades. All the while, coordinating in the order that makes sense for this room to come together without a hitch. It would be SUPER silly of me to have my brand new custom drapes hung before getting my walls primed and skim coated for the wallpaper. In all interior design projects, there is an order to the process.

In this world of Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, and Green design there is a lot of crossover and misinformation out there. There is also this thought process that if it’s green or non-toxic it will cost more. I’m here to say it’s NOT always the case. In my quest to better inform others, I will be building a good, better, best option when it comes to green and eco-friendly. In most cases, there is not one material that checks off all of these needs or wants. But there is a way to create a good, better, best and reach our goal. Whether it’s to be green or create a healthy home.  It’s possible to have a killer room without the killer chemicals.

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Week 4 - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

There was some progress and without fail some hiccups that came up along the way. One was out of my control and the other completely within my control (changed my mind). Yes, that happens!

Before I get into what didn’t happen let’s review some PROGRESS. My custom drapery and roman blinds were completed and installed in a week! That is unheard of. Working with multiple trades can get tricky. Aligning everyone’s schedule and getting the material on time is magical. Check out below and my facebook video

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve accomplished the following.

  1. Design (including colors and most pieces picked)

  2. Ordering all materials, plus art, and nightstands

  3. Coordinating the materials in coming and into trades hands

  4. Got my accent wall prepped for wallpaper

  5. Drapes and roman blinds produced

  6. Drapes and roman blinds installed

  7. Waiting, Waiting, and more Waiting.

What I’m patiently waiting for

  1. Art to be made and sent to me.  This should be sent on October 30th.

  2. Custom upholstered bed to be made. This should be completed October 26th and installed on October 29th.

  3. Nightstands to be made and sent. This should be on its way by October 25th and received by October 31 or November 1st.  This one is traveling from the East Coast.

  4. Wallpaper to be installed. This should be installed by October 27th or 28th.

Onto Week 5! Next up is bedding and décor. Not going to lie, I’m having a tough time nailing down organic bedding that I like. Luckily, I know someone that will be creating a bedding line SOON! For now, I may need to get something that is NOT organic at least for the shams and duvet. Wish me LUCK! Only 2 more weeks left. Eek!

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480.0"] Bopper at the beach! Bopper at the beach! [/caption]

Week 5 - An Unexpected Turn

Before I get into the unexpected turn, I’d like to share with you that my roll of Revolution fabric arrived and was ready for an adventure! Bopper traveled all the way from North Carolina to sunny Southern California. She had never been to Huntington Beach before and wanted to catch some surf and sand. First stop was Pacific City then head to the beach for the Airshow. A day at the beach was the perfect thing to do right before she is transformed into a non-toxic custom Upholstered bed.

Since the bed is a custom piece, I have complete control as to what materials are used. No nasty petroleum-based foam will be used. Instead, I’ve swapped it out using GOTS certified latex. Plus, Bopper is Greenguard certified so it passes my healthy room maker over. Not only is she green guard certified, she is 100% upcycled! She is a win for air quality and the green movement! I’m super happy to align with Revolution fabric and use them for my projects. Oh my goodness,  I almost forgot to mention ALL of Revolution fabric is stain resistant and easy to clean. Check out the video and see with your own eyes how amazing their product is. The BIG reveal will be Week 6!

When you think you’re cruising and all of a sudden there is an unexpected turn. Week 5 presented a sharp turn or rather a SHARP PAIN. It all started  Monday night after dinner, I started to have some stomach pain. I chalked it up to something I ate, no biggie. I had a client meeting that evening too. It started out fine, but soon after I arrived I realized I better get this meeting wrapped up quick. Thankfully I was able to wrap it up and get home. I headed straight to bed and some visits to the bathroom but NO relief. The pain persisted and the pain got worse the next day. By Wednesday I knew I needed to head to the E.R. Within a couple of hours I was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and needed an emergency surgery. Out went with the appendix and in went the tubes, pain meds, and a constant drip of antibiotics. It all went pretty quick. Since it did rupture I was ordered to stay at the hospital for an additional 2 days. Finally, the doctor released me on Friday evening.

Onto Week six! I have some packages to open and get some bedding washed, sewn, and art hung this week. Most importantly install the custom bed and the nightstands.  Oh my goodness, I cant wait!

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Week 6 - The Final Deadline

Thank GOODNESS the final deadline is Sunday night. Week 6 of the one room challenge definitely presented its challenges. While resting after my appendicitis surgery, I was still in communication with my upholsterer. We planned to install the bed on Tuesday the day before the initial deadline. I was ready and excited, I also had coordinated with my photographer to take photos the next day. I would have received the photos that day and posted my blog on the same day in time to hit the initial deadline. BUT my upholster used the WRONG fabric for the bed! He used the fabric that was planned for a decorative pillow. You should have seen my face!  I was speechless. I had no words but, “what happened?!” After getting upset, I really didn’t care how this mistake happened. I texted my upholsterer and simply said the bed is in the wrong fabric.  The bed along with the RIGHT fabric is coming back to you. Fix it!

The next day it was fixed and the bed was installed. Like I said at the beginning of the challenge there will ALWAYS be something that goes wrong with a project. When there is a problem, there is a solution. This profession has taught me that when problems occur to roll with it and get it resolved. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that my clients NEVER hear about. They just get to enjoy the fun process and the final outcome.

After 6 weeks of running around pulling samples, making quick decisions and coordinating with all of my trades. I can finally CHILL in my newly re-done healthy bedroom.

Now for the BIG REVEAL!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600.0"] The Final! Healthy Master Bedroom The Final! Healthy Master Bedroom [/caption]

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