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People often ask me what I do for a living. They are super excited to learn that I’m a designer of upholstery fabrics. Then, they inquire more about exactly how one goes about designing fabric. During this further explanation, their eyes will glaze over and the color will leave their face like they have front row seats to a Power Point presentation of “The Flight Patterns of the North American Dung Beetle Across the Plains of Nebraska!"

That’s fine. Not everything is as exciting as professional sports or the latest episode of “The Bachelorette." In fact, my wife will often ask me about my work when she has trouble sleeping... I’m like a sedative!

But the final product… that’s what people get excited about! And that’s why I like to do what I do. My challenge is to make fabric that is beautiful, durable, and safe for a family. After all, design style is like art that you live in. And it is so gratifying for our products to be part of your home!

dung beetle.jpg

P.S: The dung beetle is the only insect that flies at night and uses the Milky Way for orientation! For more info on the dung beetle, read here

Some of the Revolution 'final product' at Showtime 2018!

Some of the Revolution 'final product' at Showtime 2018!

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