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Showtime - International Textile Alliance - Revolution Fabrics 2019

Showtime - International Textile Alliance - Revolution Fabrics 2019

All hands on deck!


Here at STI, as we approach ITMA Showtime in High Point, North Carolina, we are busy getting all of our cuts of fabrics prepared for showing.  In addition to making cuts of fabrics to show our customers, we also create swatch books which contain a sample of each color for a particular pattern.  So much goes into the preparation of these fabrics-- issuing tickets for weaving, fabrics get woven and finished, fabrics are sent to our sample department, the fabrics are then cut for Showtime and for swatch books.  Each piece must be labeled correctly and then put in the proper order to make sure the pattern groups are all together and will have a comfortable flow as they are being shown to our customers. 


With the addition of our Revolution Outdoor Performance Fabrics line, the volume of fabrics to be processed has increased quite a bit.  With so much to do, even the design team is busy in our sample department lending a hand to our sample department staff.  We are very excited about the upcoming Showtime, and if you ask our sample department staff, we are also ready for everything to be finished!  It's a long process, but I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel! So for now, it's "all hands on deck!"


Don't have a Showtime appointment with STI? Please reach out to us at:

Showtime - International Textile Alliance- Revolution Fabrics 2019

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