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It’s the best feeling in the world when the samples come in. It’s like Christmas. The halls are filled with giddy designers because they have a chance to see the fruit of their labor in fabric form.

First thing in the morning I go check to see If I have a 4 yard finished sample of a new pattern. This is called a strike off. The information to create the samples are printed out on orange tickets. The tickets stay with the sample from the time it’s woven, finished and then delivered to the designer.  I can easily spot them wherever they are in the mill. The finishing department puts them in the tubes for identification. It took a lot of time and thought to pick out the perfect spot to put these little jewels so they are easy to find.

The spot is beside the door that leads out into the finishing dept. Well done!

Above:  THE spot!

Above: THE spot!

Excitedly, I grab my samples and use the testing lab table to review and cut swatches for the design wall and a yard cut to get approval. I also use the testing lab’s scissors, sharpies, stapler and rulers. Sometimes I don’t steal the lab’s supplies and take them back to my office... those are good days.

Above: Cutting my samples in the Testing Center

Above: Cutting my samples in the Testing Center

Above:  Today's bounty of samples!

Above: Today's bounty of samples!

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