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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse

Browse through furniture stores, watch any of the home and garden television shows or search the web for interior design trends and you are sure to find Modern Farmhouse. This isn’t wall paper with cows, figurines of pigs, or wagon wheel light fixtures. Modern farmhouse is a clean, functional approach to design suitable for today’s busy families. It can be a mix of industrial, rustic, and modern in an almost monochromatic color scheme with varying shades of grey and earth tones and white.

The first priority in modern farmhouse design is practicality and functionality. An open concept style where families can be together while one person may be cooking, another may be shopping online, and kids are doing homework or playing games. It is multi-purpose spaces for modern family living. It is no longer about having a separate formal dining room or living room that is only used once a year at Thanksgiving.

Next, is a neutral palette where whites are the dominant background colors and earth tones shades are accents. Don’t be afraid of a beautiful, classic white sofa in the family room space. Just choose a performance fabric that can be easily cleaned like Revolution. Accent pillows and throws can be layered to add pattern and those accent colors. The patterns of the pillows may range from plaids and stripes, fretwork type trellis patterns, to ethnic inspired motifs. This creates a collected look without becoming sterile.

Texture is just as important as color. Metal industrial elements, rustic or unrefined wood, and varying textures of textiles creates an inviting space.

Overall the modern farmhouse is relaxing and inviting.  

Written by: Gina Grantt

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