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Making Furniture in the USA –  Manufacturers in the USA - Part 1

Making Furniture in the USA – Manufacturers in the USA - Part 1


The world is smaller than ever before today, with manufacturing options just a click away on your laptop or computer. That’s why it’s so important to highlight, amidst the competition, the manufacturers that are continuously ranking at the very top with the attention to detail, quality, and precision in every facet of their furniture-making process. 


Therefore, our team sat down to identify some of the best in the world of furniture manufacturing right now. Here round one in our picks for the top  American furniture manufacturers in the industry today:

Bassett Furniture 

Bassett Furniture


Bassett Furniture is best known for their blend of style, comfort, and value that has been an American household name for more than a century. Operating more than 100 retail locations across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico today, each Bassett Furniture location is equipped with design consultants that are constantly collaborating to create new furnishings, furniture structures, and products that make it easy for anyone on any budget to pursue top-notch décor in their living quarters.

England Furniture 

England Furniture


In the quiet foothills of East Tennessee, England Furniture has been crafting quality upholstered furniture since 1964. Co-founded by brothers Charles, Eugene, and Dwight England, their goal was to employ the proud and hardworking people of Appalachia. Today, the company and legacy they built continues to be recognized for the highest quality and the shortest build cycle.


So, what is the England difference? Skilled Tennessee craftsmen and craftswomen who build each piece of furniture custom for your home, and built to last a lifetime. With over 500 fabrics and leathers to choose from, England offers the broadest selection and countless combinations to help customers create something special and uniquely suited for their home.


Built in America, England delivers orders in three weeks or less. Always. Without fail. With such efficient manufacturing capabilities and enviable logistics, England attracted the attention of La-Z-Boy Co. and now operates as an independent division since 1995.

Wesley Hall Furniture

Wesley Hall Furniture


For over 25-years, Wesley Hall has been another leading manufacturer in the world of American furniture, known for a U.S.-based production system that reflects impeccable quality and tailoring. Today, the company is 250-strong, with a daily commitment to upholstery excellence that can be seen in every single one of their products. Resting on a CEO with over 50-years of experience in the upholstery industry, Wesley Hall is a reflection on obsession with perfection.

Braxton Culler Furniture

Braxton Culler Outdoor Furniture - Revolution Fabric

( Revolution Outdoor fabric on Braxton Culler outdoor furniture )

Founded in 1975, Braxton Culler is another household furniture brand name that has been working hard for over 35-years. Best known for their distinctive lightweight Wicker and Rattan, Braxton Culler has expanded into a variety of product lines today, including pieces for the entire home, outdoor furniture, patio furniture, and 1,000 different fabric choices – plus 15 wood finishes. Customers are able to pursue their personal style with a company like Braxton Culler, as they are constantly updating their selection and making improvements upon interior and exterior design fan-favorites.

Fusion Furniture

Fusion Furniture


Recently celebrating 10-years in business, Fusion Furniture was formed on the company motto: “where style meets value.” 

Fusion Furniture was founded on May 1, 2009 in the small town of Ecru, Mississippi. Mississippians have been building furniture here in North Mississippi for generations and Fusion is proud to carry on that tradition.

With over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 500+ dedicated employees, Fusion Furniture works hard to provide quality American made products at an incredible value!






Vaughan-Bassett – experts in bedroom furniture. Founded in 1919, the company is celebrating their centennial anniversary this year, with over 700 people employed in their facilities to date. With 100% of their furniture crafted right in the U.S., including all resources and manufacturing elements, Vaughan-Bassett’s high-quality pieces help every space to really feel like home.

The recently launched a collection with the stars of the HGTV Show  " Hometown"

Hometown - Revolution Fabric


Michael Nicholas Designs

Michael Nicholas Designs

For over three generations, Michael Nicholas Designs have maintained a simple philosophy: produce stylish upholstered furniture for a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment.

From fashion-forward styling to detail oriented service, Michael Nicholas Designs balances the science of business with the art of interior design! By being faithful to their beliefs, Michael Nicholas Designs continue to design, manufacture, ship, and service all of their products out of our Southern California facility.

Whether it is one piece that makes a statement or an entire collection that defines a room, Michael Nicholas Designs is dedicated to the superior quality of their handcrafted products.

We are proud to partner with all of these amazing American furniture manufacturers today. We want to offer you the very best in fabric quality, and that starts with the trailblazing companies that have come to define interior design in every American home. 

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Yimam Assefa - October 11, 2021

My name is Mesfin Yimam Assefa, I am from Ethiopia. I have University degree in Wood Science Technology with more than 10 years work experience. Your furniture industry produce so attractive not only the customer also employees. Therefore, if you have any furniture position I will work with you as one of your employees. Thank you for your cooperation

Lara Eddleman - June 8, 2019

Hi: love love love revolution, love being able to encourage clients to not fear white & light colored upholstery fabric! But … have had issues with a couple of patterns regarding pilling…regularly shave but that can only go on for so long. Wondering if anyone knows of any preventative solutions??

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