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Fabric made in the USA

Fabric made in the USA

Prior to the launch of our Revolution Performance Fabrics at STI, most of our upholstery fabrics were woven on polyester warps with a wide variety of polyester and olefin fill yarns, including simple textured yarns, boucles, and chenilles.  As we began to transition to Revolution Fabrics, we began styling with the olefin yarns we already had available on both dobby and jacquard looms.


While we had a good selection of "flat" yarns and boucles in olefin, we were missing an olefin chenille.  In June of 2018, STI launched its first Revolution Chenille fabrics.  Finally, we had a chenille fabric which could be bleach cleaned.  During this launch, pattern "Darwin" (a skin texture using a thicker 1000 denier chenille) enjoyed success with various customers.  I am excited to say we have several new follow-ups to Darwin which will be unveiled at Showtime in High Point, NC this June. 


As our Revolution products continue to evolve, it is interesting to look back at its timeline of growth, starting with the launch of the first Revolution Fabrics in December of 2014.  Just as a carpenter is limited by the number of tools he has to use, we were limited in the beginning phase of Revolution Performance Fabrics.  In a few short years, we have added essential tools to our toolbox, including Revolution Plus Washable Performance Fabrics and Revolution Outdoor Performance Fabrics.  This adds diversity and versatility to our products, thus enabling us to be a leading supplier of performance fabrics. 

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fabric made in usa - Evolution of Revolution Fabric


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