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Jacquard Weaving 101

In 1804, Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the device that attaches to a power loom that simplifies the process of weaving complex patterns such as frames, large geometrics, florals, etc. by controlling each end in the warp. Jacquard is also the name used to describe the fabrics that can be created on a jacquard loom. With a jacquard loom, you control each individual end in the repeat instead of groups of ends drawn through limited harnesses of a dobby loom. This ability greatly widens your ability to create a variety of complex designs. Our repeat sizes go up 27” in the horizontal direction and there really is no limit in the vertical direction. So, in very simple terms… plains, textures, stripes and plaids are woven on a dobby loom and everything can be woven on a jacquard. Check out the videos and pictures; a picture is worth a thousand words! If you can’t tell, as a designer I love jacquard weaving… the freedom and flexibility is perfect for your creativity!

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