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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
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If Inspiration Fell in the Woods and I was Around...

I love to walk in wooded trails at my local park. My dog likes it too. On my hike through the forest, I am in awe of the colors I see and the color combinations that occur in nature. Every trip you see something that inspires you. Nature is full of surprises.

Green of course, is everywhere. Moss growing on fallen trees appear to be a combination of deep emerald and brown. Small areas are covered with tiny, lush ferns. Tall grasses surround the lake and shoot up through the rocks along the trail. The rocks and grass create different combinations of grays, whites, and greens. Leaves in all stages of life from bright, pine, and yellow green.  Some people believe the color green causes you to feel calm and refreshed. I get this feeling being surrounded by one of my favorite colors as I walk the path.

This year the trail is covered in mushrooms. They are in all sizes, shapes and colors. I like to hang out with these fun-guys.

Beautiful yellow mushrooms surrounded by brown leaves. Large and small white ‘shrooms growing alone and in clusters. There are white stalks with red tops and black and brown mushrooms as well. I keep looking for smurfs but so far, no sightings.

And finally flowers. They surround the lake and peek out beneath the leaves all along the trail. Many colors are represented by the flowers. Yellows, purples, blue and white. The blooms mingle with the browns, greens, and mushrooms to create interesting color combinations.

I love the time in the forest. I also enjoy the colors. I use the combinations to create amazing colors for the upholstery fabric I design.

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