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How to Reupholster a Couch

How to Reupholster a Couch

Is your favorite sofa starting to look a little worn? Or are you having trouble finding that perfect piece of furniture you have a picture of in your mind? A great solution to both of these issues is finding an upholsterer or custom furniture maker in your area. There are many upholsterers who amake custom furniture as well so definitely don't rule out upholstery shops when working on a custom project. Below are a few tips on things to considering and have ready before you visit your upholsterer or custom furniture maker:

Things to Know Before Going to the Upholstery Shop:

1) Know Your Dimensions: Make sure to measure the cushion casings and the frame. Your upholsterer will be able to tell you exactly how many yards you need. If you like to be one step ahead, you can also plug the dimensions into an online upholstery calculator like this one here. 

2) Choose Your Fabric: Many upholsterers carry fabric lines in their shops and are a great resource for fabric referrals if you don't have something currently in mind. Revolution partners with many upholstery shops that can place your fabric order for you or you can always order it yourself and have it shipped directly to the upholstery shop! 

3) Decide on Any Extras: Do you want to add any extra foam to make your cushions more plump? Do you want to add any trim or welt cord? What type of zippers do you want on the casings? Do you need new springs? Your upholsterer should be able to tell you all the options available to make your furniture beautiful and comfortable.

4) Timeline: Upholsterers can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks to complete a piece depending on their work log and delivery of materials. Keep in mind that your fabric needs to arrive before the upholsterer can do very much. Revolution orders typically ship the next business day, which means they can arrive to your upholsterer in less than 5 days!

5) Enjoy your "new"' furniture and fabric!

Things to Know Before Going to a Custom Furniture Maker:

1) Quality: If you are getting a custom piece of furniture made, it's likely you want to enjoy it for a very long time! We suggest asking what type of wood the frames are made from, what time of spring system they use, and (if applicable) the type of swivel or glider mechanisms. Always ask about a warranty and/or what type of guarantee they provide.

2) Inspiration Photos: If you have a specific style in mind that you saw in a magazine, bring it! Or if you are wanting to make a loveseat or chair to match an existing sofa, take a photo of the piece you are wanting to match.

3) Size: How many people do you want to be able to sit? How large is the space you can fit the piece in? Know your approximate dimensions needs prior to visiting the shop. 

We are proud to work with many upholstery shops and custom furniture manufacturers all over the United States, but we would like to spotlight one that is in our home state of North Carolina... Carolina Classic Furniture (CCF) in Granite Falls, NC.

Wally Mitchum, President of CCF has been making quality furniture for over 35 years. Wally and his team spare no attention to detail or quality when making their pieces... whether its a small living room ottoman or a huge movie-theatre worthy sectional! CCF has been using Revolution since it hit the marketplace in 2015. One of the main attractions to Revolution is that it is 100% made in North Carolina, just like Carolina Classic Furniture! Further, CCF can count on Revolution's durability, longevity and cleanability.. it also ships fast! 

Check out the photos below from CCF's workshop in North Carolina and some of their recent Revolution pieces!

Visit Carolina Classic Furniture in Granite Falls, North Carolina 

All of CCF's frames are 5/4 solid hardwood. The lumber is kiln dried to eliminate any chance of warping, sagging, cracking, twisting or breaking for the life of the piece.

CCF's spring system is sinuous wire or the true eight way hand tied system. It is warrantied for life! 

CCF's #751 swivel chair is the most popular custom piece they make. Shown in Revolution Sugarshack Glacier

Fun Fact: These chairs are being reupholstered for American rock legend, John Mellencamp! They are recovered in Revolution pattern, Hailey Bone and will live in Mellencamp's Tybee Island, GA home.

Wow! This huge sectional with two ottomans was custom made for a home theater. Shown in Revolution pattern, Whitaker.


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