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How to find an Interior Decorator

How to find an Interior Decorator

How to find an Interior Decorator


When it comes to designing the inside of your home, having an interior decorator spruce up the space can be an amazing option if you are looking to get professional look and feel. What’s the best way to find a decorator that fits your style and needs?

Outline your goals

When it comes to finding and interior designer, it’s best to outline and write down some goals. Are you wanting a full home interior design experience or just a single room? Having your goals written down and planned before even finding an interior designer or decorator will help you when it comes time to choose a designer.

So, what’s the difference between an interior designer and decorator. A lot of people might tell you the difference is education. True Interior designers are certified through the NCIDQ exam or other accreditation programs. They’ve gone through formal education in a 4 year or 2 year program for interior design. They also have direct impact on changing the physical appearance of an internal space. Interior decorators don’t create interior spaces but rather decorate and dress up interior spaces. They choose the furniture and decor for a space that has already been designed. Now knowing the difference between the two, lets see where you can find an interior designer or decorator.

Houzz Search

Houzz is a great online asset for finding home development and improvement professionals near you. This is especially true for interior decorators and designers. You can find interior decorators and designers with reviews from previous clients. You can see their past projects and compare them to your personal budget and style. Any great interior designer or decorator will help create a space that fits your style, so its best to communicate what exactly you are looking for before choosing one.

Google Search

            Google is another great asset for finding home improvement professionals in your area. You will find less reviews compared to Houzz, but you are still able to find contacts for these designers and decorators. What I would recommend doing is searching on google first, then finding them in Houzz to find examples of their projects.

Find References

            After you’ve found an interior decorator or designer, look for references of their work and previous clients. You might have seen a few on Houzz along with reviews. Seeing these work references will help you determine if your budget and their style would be the best fit for your project. They will also help you determine house easy they are to work with. I hope these online references will help you find an interior decorator or designer. Thanks for reading – David

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