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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
How to Decorate with Animal Prints

How to Decorate with Animal Prints

It’s no secret that animal prints are making a comeback in a big way within the fashion industries today. Well, this kind of print isn’t just reserved for your clothes – it’s also a hot ticket option for the décor right in your home. Whether you’re considering animal print living room design ideas, or mixing animal prints using fabrics around your bedrooms and bathrooms, we’re going to look at how to leverage these popular prints in an elegant and timeless way.

How to Decorate with Animal Prints

Animal prints are stapled patterns that can be mixed together, with solid patterns and colors, and paired with a variety of accented pieces around the home. The key is to use these patterns in a strategic, sparing way, adding an empowered style to any room.

pattern darwin

Mixing Animal Prints

If you’re looking to really wow your guests by displaying an interior design that is exotic, one of a kind, and stimulating, consider overlapping animal print patterns for a totally unique display. Since animal prints are based on real colors that exist in mother nature, drawing heavily on earth tones and repetitive patterns, it’s actually easy to mix these patterns according to their similar hues. You can also play with different animal spot sizes that range from small, like cheetah print, to large, like giraffe print. Don’t forget about the popularity of snakeskin either!

Mixing Animal Prints with Solid Colors

If you’d rather have a more nuanced interior appearance that draws on the staple element of an animal print in contrast to plain, solid colors, consider pairing outlandish animal patterns with your favorite bright and neutral colors today. For example, patterns such as zebra, cheetah, and leopard pop against a strong, solid background. It creates a sophisticated modern interior appearance that is perfect for any urban setting. However, many creative Airbnb hosts are exploring this kind of décor in rustic settings today.

Mixing Animal Print with Additional Patterns

In order to balance out the prominence of an animal print, we recommend selecting two other patterns that pair with the animal print of your choice. For example, if you are going to use the prominence of a cheetah print, then consider a large to medium scale pattern to offset the power. However, the colors should match the intensity of the cheetah, while also complementing the natural earth tones.

Remember: Less is More

There are numerous animal print decorating ideas for you to consider for your home today. In order to keep the power and prominence of animal prints at a respectful level, we recommend remembering the “less is more” rule. Of course, if you want to stack the entire room with animal prints for a shock factor, that can be its own kind of style as well.

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