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Detox your Home

How to detox your home

Detox your home

By Laurie Larson

No matter what time of year it is, a house can always use some spring cleaning. Polishing your surfaces, cutting through your clutter, and dusting the works can not only get your home sparkling clean, it can help you get to a happier and healthier mental space. 

If you’re looking to detox your home and maybe find some, I’d recommend starting with these useful tips.

1.Start with the clutter.

When you go to do a large clean, it’s going to take a long time. The number one thing that’s going to get in your way is fatigue. The reason cleaning the house is always so hard is because there’s always more to do. You work for hours on end only to be greeted by more and more things that need cleaning.

This build fatigue and chips away at your motivation. Setting goals you can consistently complete will help you feel like you’re getting a lot done and will help you fight the burnout. Cleaning up the clutter first will not only make things like vacuuming and mopping easier, it will quickly make your home look a lot nicer. 

This will let you see the fruits of your labor early on and will make you feel like you’re being productive, which will keep you focused and positive for longer stretches of time. 

2.Label the things you put away.

Every year I don’t do this and every year I regret it. When you sort through all of your clutter, don’t just dump it in the closet or attic. Make sure that you are organizing the things you put away so that you can find them when you inevitably need something later on.

Organizing your boxes can do so much good for you down the line. It’s going to make things like travelling and moving much easier, and it’s also going to help you build some of that peace of mind I was talking about. 

This is also going to help you take inventory and identify what you actually need to keep and what you can get rid of. Finding a balance between organization and decluttering is going to transform your home into an organized and peaceful sanctuary. 

3.Spend the longest on your room. 

Your bedroom is where you likely spend the most time in your home, so this is the place you really need to focus the most on. If you’re trying to detox your home, you need to make sure you are creating an environment that is clean and free of clutter. 

The first thing you want to do in your bedroom is get everything off your nightstand or desk that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Horizontal space is what draws the eye first, and keeping that clear is what gives a room a neat look. 

After that’s done, make sure you clean and organize your bed. Having a neat and made bed is an important part of building a relaxing environment in your room, and the first thing you need to do during your detox is clean your mattress. This is one of the tasks that can get forgotten about in a normal cleaning session and is perfect for your deep-clean detox. 

Next, get yourself a new pair of sheets and enjoy the feeling of a clean and soft bed every night. 

4.Rethink your design.

This is a great opportunity for you to refine and redesign your home’s interior design. Changing the look and feel of your home can give you a sense of newness and control over your environment that can help you relax and feel good. 

Take a break during your cleaning session, sit down at the table, and start planning out some design changes. This will give you a fun and productive break during your long detox day and can yield some awesome results.

5.Give everything a place.

Clutter builds up when things are left in places they don’t belong. Right after you finish cleaning, make sure you take note of where everything is. Your home will be neat and organized, and the key to keeping it that way is to track where things belong and regularly check to make sure that they are there. 

Obviously no one is perfect. Coats are going to get thrown on chairs, shoes are going to get left in the hallway. Just take time out of your day each evening before bed to do a sweep of your house and make sure that everything is where it should be. 


Hopefully by now you’re feeling energized and ready to start your cleaning detox. You’ve got the tips, you’ve likely got the tools, and now you just need to set a day and get it done. 

Remember to split up the work to stay motivated, follow the guide, and enjoy your peaceful and clean home. 

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