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REvolution Team picking artwork for design inspiration

Design is Constant

I am constantly looking for things to be inspired by.  I can be watching a movie and be distracted by a beautiful fabric on a sofa or a print on an actresses dress.  (I have to admit, I have even taken pictures of my television screen before!)  The other day I was sharing some pictures that I had taken on my phone, and I had to confess, they were pictures from a friend’s beautiful home during their annual Halloween party.  Ridiculous right, working at a party? Missing out on fun festivities to snap pictures of cool concepts that I was finding around her house??  Of course not!  Design never lets me rest!!  Of course I also love to get ideas from magazines and a couple of clicks into the internet and the inspiration is endless!  But my absolute favorite part of the whole design process is knowing that you have last season’s line in the books, wiping the slate clean and gearing up for the next line.  Art vendors come to us with 100’s of designs, at a time, from artists all over the world, each one just begging to be made into fabric!  It is so exciting to see new trends, new ideas.  Our design team comes together to decide what trends are relevant, what ideas are fabulous.  It’s time for the real creative part to begin.  

Karen picking design at Revolution Performance Fabrics

Gina picking design at Revolution Performance Fabrics

Kathathrine picking design at Revolution Performance Fabrics

Revolution Team picking designs at Revolution Performance Fabrics

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