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Coloring between the lines

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  Ombre Crayon

Over the years, I have been asked “whatcha doing?” when I had yarn skeins out. My answer has been… “coloring". Some people have cutely responded: “make sure you stay in the lines”. Today I am coloring the lines… a new Revolution striped fabric... Ombre. We are excited about a new collection of stripes that is now in the development phase. The first step in creating a stripe is to come up with the layout. Paying attention to the scale and proportion. The next step is coloring the stripe. A lot of things are taken into consideration in this phase:

How many colorways to do in the style? Red, blue, green, neutral… multi, bright, dull etc.

It is best to follow a formula... light in the same position in every stripe. If you break the formula, you can change the personality of the stripe totally.


  Yarns used in Chromatic Crayon  Yarns used in Chromatic Crayon [/caption]

“This color looks like a different pattern!” It’s cool to have a job where you color for a living!

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