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Use the code SWATCHES10 at checkout to get 10 samples free!
Bohemian Decor Tips

Bohemian Decor Tips

Bohemian décor is creative chaos. This design trend is for the free spirit, the traveler, and the artist in our inner soul.

Be free to create a room that revives your spirit. There are no rules to decorate a boho room. Textiles are a great place to start. Cover the entire floor with a montage of different, overlapping rugs. Choose rugs from different countries, colors and styles. Think vibrant, bold colors mixed with jewel tones for pillows. Add textures like faux fur or velvet pillows. Embroidered pillows with metallic threads or flowers would be a great addition. Ethnic fabrics will add an exotic touch. Look for fabrics such as Batiks, Shiboris or Suzanis. Paisleys, Mandala, and patchwork fabrics are often used as well. Choose what you love. Layer these fabrics on your bed, couch or use as curtains. A boho room covered, draped, and layered with cloth will give the feeling you are in a tent of a Sheikh in the middle of a dessert.

Release your inner gypsy. A boho room has décor from all over world picked up while travelling. Think global. Camel and elephant accessories inspired by India. Hang flat woven baskets on the wall from Africa. Oriental style vases, Buddha images, and even southwestern elements work. Hang pictures of places you’ve travelled or will travel to. Decorate your wall with a map of the world. Use a side table with a Moroccan flare. Japanese paper or Moroccan lanterns will give off soft and serene light to make your space welcoming and relaxing.

In Boho décor vintage items are a must. Ask for your grandma’s couch. Your furniture need not match and, in fact, worn pieces are encouraged. Look for odd and fun antiques at flea markets and yard sales. Furniture made of natural materials work great as well. Grab a wicker chair or even a hammock. Have a quirky collection? Display it on your walls on reclaimed wood shelves. Remove your mementos from your drawer and display them. Especially things that transport you to another time or place that made you happy. Put up pictures of your parents when they were young. Decorate with macramé wall hangings or plant holder that were popular in the 70’s. Search for an old mirror with character. Vintage chandeliers or retro light fixtures. Nothing is off limits. Create a space you feel comfortable in and you won’t think twice about bringing a little earth inside with you.

Whether you go full boho or just add accents, this home trend will spice you your life.

Written By: Karen Porter

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