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A Savvy Room for Zoe

A Savvy Room for Zoe

A special girl got a big room make over right before Christmas! Zoe and her family live in San Diego, California and were the most recent recipients of an amazing room update by Savvy Giving by Design. Zoe is seven years old and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in February 2017. Zoe has undergone seven cycles of chemotherapy, a 10 hour resection surgery and completed her first stem cell transplant this past September. She is expected to complete her treatment in June 2019.

Zoe is one of four children in her family, two boys and two girls. Zoe and her sister, Andrea, share a room that can now be called the “Unicorn Room.” Zoe and Andrea received a brand new bedroom, complete with Revolution Fabrics! Zoe and Andrea’s unicorn beds were made with Revolution Plus pattern, Slipcover Twill (color: white). The girls’ custom bedding was also made with Revolution. On one side of the comforter is Slipcover Twill and on the other is a decorative unicorn fabric!

In true Savvy spirit, Zoe’s brothers’ room was also redone. Check out the photos and video below of Zoe and her siblings’ room reveals! NBC San Diego news station also featured Zoe’s family and Savvy in a recent segment that you can watch here.

Revolution looks forward to support Savvy Giving in 2019!



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