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A Glimpse Into Training at STI

As we all know, employee training is an important part of running a safe and successful business. But, what does the training process look like at a textile mill? Most people don’t know that STI offers training for EVERY job on the mill floor. This is a great advantage because future employees can apply for a job knowing they are set up for success!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240.0"] Trina Henderson, HR Training Coordinator Trina Henderson, HR Training Coordinator [/caption]

Here at STI, HR Training Coordinator, Trina Henderson, proves hands-on-training is the winning ticket.

On Tuesdays, Trina checks on her trainees and their trainers. She attends seminars and classes that improve workplace communication and is currently learning more about forklift training. She wants to be confident that she understands the job she is asking the new employee to accomplish. Training to Trina is not just a job, but a passion. She cares about her trainee and wants them to be happy and safe while on the job. In the interview below, Trina gives more insight on what STI training entails.

Q: What motivated you to start working as a Training Coordinator at STI?

A: I have worked in manufacturing for twenty years which included training other employees. I have witnessed employees being shown things one time, asked to sign off saying they had been trained and expected to be able to do it. I feel like everyone learns differently and in different ways. One person may be able to do a job after seeing it done one time when another person may need to see it three times. I am passionate about making sure a person knows how to do a job and feels good about performing it before being put on a job alone.

Q: What types of job training does STI offer?

A: STI offers on the job training for each job. All training is done on 1st shift. I worked with the Department Heads and trainers to create training lists for each job. The Department Heads let me know when trainees are ready to be signed off.

I work with Charles Christenbury, Director of Corporate Training from Cleveland Community College, Sandra Jenkins (HR Recruiter), Pat Queen (VP of Human Resources), Rick Hahn (VP of Manufacturing), John Kay (President) and the department heads from STI on the N.C. Customized Training Project. This project was laid out and approved in August 2017 and will last until 2020. This project provides classes for STI employees. I am currently working on setting up Staubli training for loom fixers and improving our forklift training. Also, I will attend OSHA classes in April and May.

Some of the classes STI offers:

-American Dornier Class for loom fixers

-CPR/First Aid Class

-Cultural Diversity Class

-HR Law Class

-Supervisor Leadership Class

-Work place Spanish class for supervisors

Q: What is your favorite department to train in?

A: Weaving. I love to look at the different patterns because I have experience in weaving.

Q: How long does the training of an employee take?

A: 3 days to 2 months

Q: Before working at STI, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: I worked in manufacturing for 20 years. I worked on the manufacturing floor doing different jobs including weaving, training people to weave, and as a supervisor.

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