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We saw the need from our customers for an unbacked, machine washable fabric that is soft and beautiful but also durable and bleach cleanable... even dark colors. These multi-purpose fabrics are suitable for a variety of applications: slipcovers, draperies, pet beds or wherever you need a little extra performance in your life. What kind of fabric should you use for a washable slipcover? The best fabric for a washable slipcover is Revolution Plus. Revolution Plus is a non-backed upholstery fabric that’s stain resistant and soft to touch. It’s easily cleaned with a dye free laundry detergent pod on a cold cycle. Line dry the slipcover or on low heat in the drier. How much fabric to slipcover a chair? You will need between 3-6 yards of fabric to fully slipcover a chair. Contact your local upholstery, seamstress, or workroom professional to have a slipcover custom made for your furniture. How much fabric for a slipcover? It all depends on the furniture. Sofas generally take between 5-15 yards to slipcover depending on the size of the sofa. Chairs take between 3-6 yards of fabric depending on how tall the back is and if you want the slipcover to have a protective skirt around the base of the chair. It’s best to contact your local upholstery, workroom, or seamstress professional before buying yardage for a slipcover. They can accurately determine the amount of fabric you will need to slipcover your furniture. How much fabric to slipcover a sofa Generally, sofas take anywhere between 5-15 yards to fully slipcover the sofa. It all depends on how large your sofa is and if you want a skirt for the slipcover. Contact your local workroom, upholstery, or seamstress professional to get a better fabric estimation for your furniture. How to wash slipcovers? The best way to wash slipcovers it to wash them on a delicate, cold water cycle with a dye free laundry detergent or pod. Dye free detergent and pods will prevent the slipcover from potentially being stained. To see more cleaning videos, view our cleaning page.